Hey Mum,

I just can’t seem to kick the slackness, can I? I feel like I’ve barely got time to watch a little Walking Dead, let alone conjure up some blog magic (blogic?), and so despite my January promises this is my first update since then. And it’s not like I haven’t had stuff to write about. There’s been stuff.


Like getting paid to dick around with airsoft guns

So Jen’s friend asked me to write another entry for her food blog. I had the chance to eat something recently that she thought was interesting, and so I wrote one because the only time I can seem to get motivated when someone asks me to do it. It’s just… staying in one spot and working doesn’t get really inspire the blogic like cruising around through developing Asian nations does. I’m missing travel quite a bit.

Anyway, here it is. An unusual experience I had recently:


Yer boy.

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