The noble pursuit of being on fire.

Dear Mum,


Throughout this post you will see pictures of Koh Tao being awesome.

I’m slightly concerned that I might be developing a bit of a blasé attitude towards being on fire. I am of course being literal. Not long before we left I was on fire; I had been unknowingly leaning over an open flame at a Mexican restaurant slash bar. After receiving some help in beating out the flames, I discovered my shirt was ruined and I had some burns on my torso. It sucked a little bit but fell short of being a night ruiner.

That was one time I was on fire.


Freedom Beach. Probably our favourite beach on Koh Tao. Small but nice.

A few generalisations about young Thai men: they love reggae music and fire shows. You may have seen some hippies spinning around some sticks and chains that were on fire somewhere in Australia. I’m not sure if the practice originated in Thailand or not but over here they love it. And they are good at it.


Walking around the south end of Koh Tao.

We had been out for dinner and some drinks, and the bar we ended up parking ourselves at had a bit of a fire show going on. The combination of some unexpectedly quite reasonable Mexican food and a possibly unreasonable amount of alcohol had me in the mood to jump through a flaming hoop once it had been produced. I know this sounds like something a drunk idiot might do, and that might be a fair summation of the situation. But one has to consider all the factors; for example, everyone else was doing it. I like to think that given the chance sober I would have done it anyway. In fact, give me a flaming hoop now. I want to do it again.

It’s life affirming to be a little reckless sometimes.


Isn’t it pretty?

If alcohol can be blamed for anything in this instance it’s certainly not poor decision making, but rather a catastrophic failure in motor skills and coordination.


There was a whale skeleton. It had a gecko on it.

So anyway, we were in Koh Tao. It’s a smallish island, mostly popular for its diving tourism. We didn’t do any diving, though, and it is nice enough that you can enjoy it without strapping air tanks to your back and submerging yourself in the terrifying depths of guaranteed murder that is the open ocean. We stayed in a bungalow opposite Sairee beach. The main strip of Koh Tao is more like a lane, but it has many a bar, restaurant, and mini mart along it. We spent 3 days there writing resumes and looking for jobs. Koh Tao is small enough that we hired a scooter for the day and with me driving and Jenny having a minor panic attack we managed to see most of it. It was very nice, in some ways nicer than Koh Phangan, but this stop was more of a chance for us to figure out what exactly our next moves were going to be. We sent out a few job applications, realised just how much of a ball ache applying for jobs in Korea is, and decided to do more work searching later. We are still waiting to hear back from some places but we’ve had a few positive responses (although we still aren’t quite sure what we want to do).


Great sunsets from Sairee beach.

But one fateful night someone set a hoop on fire and I tried to jump through it like a spaz. I was on fire enough to need assistance from strangers in regards to beating the flames out. I ended up with some burns and singed hair on my forearms and legs, but probably no long term scars. I’m still just as pretty as ever.

I’m feeling a little less invincible than I did when I was 18. On the other hand, fuck yeah! Fire!



Will write again soon,


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