The end is nigh.


Dearest mother,

It’s been over a week since I last posted so I’ll make up for it in this one. The last week has been exceptionally busy with 2 assignments being due (and an additional one due today) and most lesson planning assistance being withdrawn. We haven’t had a lot of time but we did manage to schedule in two days off, them being the last two Saturdays.

The weekend before last was the Chiang Mai Hat, a one day ultimate frisbee tournament held here in preparation for the much bigger Bangkok Hat which happened on the weekend just past. It was a lot of fun getting some running in and meeting a bunch of new people for a few games of ultimate, and it felt good to actually exert myself for the first time in two weeks. Jenny and I were on different teams, and she was fortunate enough to make through to the semi finals. My team, despite some excellent plays, did not win a single game. We were even beaten by Jenny’s team. I’m not bitter about it, but it was complete and utter bullshit and she is dirty cheat.



One advantage of not winning any games means you get to spend the end of they day watching games and drinking beers, and it was during this time that the daughter of one of the guys involved with Chiang Mai Ultimate decided to run off with my camera and snap some pics. She managed to take some pretty good ones, including a few selfies, and even after she got dribble and fingerprints all over the lens I couldn’t even be mad.




 Wait, no.

We were supposed to head into Chiang Mai for a party afterwards but Jenny decided she hadn’t tormented me enough and she was too exhausted to go back in. The harpy. Nonetheless it was a pretty awesome day that made me remember just how much I love that game.

This weekend was of course Australia Day and despite a huge amount of work due I did my best to get everyone on the course into the city for that proud and time honoured tradition of getting pissed. Unfortunately, the plan hit a speed bump when we all decided to go out the night before and drink the local bar (you remember the Bridge?) out of beer and then move on to another place.


Incidentally, The Bridge has a pretty awesome dog that reminds me of another pooch.

This resulted in quite a few sore heads the next morning and a delayed start for all but your proud son and his lovely English girlfriend (she’s back in my good books). The plan was to spend the day in the Downunder Pub, an Australian themed bar, and the others would follow us shortly after. They took slightly longer than expected but that was their loss as in their absence we received a visit from the one of our tutors, Percy. He shared a coffee and a Jameson’s with us and was kind enough to sing us the ballad of The Wild Colonial Boy. It was freaking awesome. Turns out that song was originally about Jack Donahue, but the version with his name in it was outlawed.


Straya (sort of).

I had a few games of pool with some other Australians and it was nice to hear some normal accents again with the Hottest 100 in the background. Disappointingly, the bar didn’t have any Australian beers on offer but I did get a pretty awesome plate of chips with some barbecue sauce. I really am missing quality beers, these Asian ones really don’t have much going on in them. I would do some shameful things for a pint of Riverside 44 American Amber. Eventually the others turned up and we walked down the street, visiting a few places. I found one place that sold me a Cooper’s Pale Ale and we then found a decent Mexican place. At least one of the other trainees fell out of her chair and swore at me so I think all in all the day was a success.


 I like to celebrate multiculturalism, too.

Unfortunately the combination of several days of drinking and some over indulgence in Thai style Jagerbombs meant there was a price to be paid and that price was a day and a half of feeling violated, so the rest of the weekend was a bit of a write off. We did at least manage to get in some Skype action with some excellent friends.

So that’s about it for the last week. We are now on the home stretch. The assignment due in today is the last one I will have to do, apart from probably having to resubmit all of them because I forgot some important detail. Re-subs are generally easy though and just require one or two points to be fixed. I have exactly 2 lessons to teach and am feeling reasonably confident, despite a pretty traumatic lesson on Friday night.

Next time I post I will probably be free of the course and should know my recommended grade, so there is something to look forward to.

Talk soon.

Joel xx

PS. One of the other trainees found this in a textbook.



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