Dear Mum,

I bought a sweet pair of fisherman pants.


Achievement unlocked.

So last Sunday night we managed to get in to Chiang Mai for the Walking Street markets. They were pretty good. Very crowded, quite touristy, but still quite cool. We managed to pick up a few things and not pay outrageous prices for beers, so all in all it was a success. I have begun to realise that whilst there are quite a few Westerners in Thailand, more than a couple have decided to belong to a particular archetype: The Fat White Guy With The Shaved Head And The Thai Wife. Dudes who may have stumbled upon this blog, if you’re thinking of moving to Thailand please don’t be one of these guys. It’s embarrassing and you ruin photos.


Look at this fucking guy.

We got a tuk tuk home from the market, which is basically a motorbike which has been converted into a trike with seats on the back for passengers. It sounds and looks very sketchy, and it is. But it is also reasonably awesome and we got through the experience unscathed.


We weren’t even killed.

So this week we did more coursework. And that’s about it, really. Some of the other trainees are asking me how to do course related things and I’m having to pretend like I know what I’m talking about. It’s obviously my beard giving me an air of wisdom, authority, and all round radness. I’m probably not the best source of information as I found out yesterday I have to resubmit my first assignment. I got an “Above Standard” grade for one of my teaching practice lessons, which is pretty awesome, but it was an easy lesson to teach and I’m not sure it will become the norm. Nothing else hugely exciting happened. I’m missing variety in my food choices a little bit, but we found a decent pizza place (unusual for Thailand) that delivers. It’s run by a fat white guy with a shaved head and a Thai wife.

Apart from that there isn’t much to report on. One of the other trainee teachers told me about the time her friend had a job as a prison guard and one of the inmates shat in a sock and threw it at him. We spent the next ten minutes discussing the mechanics of shitting in a sock. It was all very amusing.

Last night marked the point where all the trainee teachers had completed half their allotted practical lessons, so a couple of us escaped to The Bridge for some sneaky beers. It’s been our only excursion this week. We got some pictures.


 This table is on a footbridge.

This weekend we have another bloody assignment to do, but we are also playing in the Chiang Mai Hat (a one day ultimate frisbee tournament), so we are looking forward to that. I also plan to spend a significant amount of time convincing Jenny of the merits of a 5 km zipline through the forest canopy. I shall keep you updated on how that goes.

Will post again soon,

Joel xxx


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  1. Hey cuz…. It’s nay, great to follow your random and crazy travel encounters… Glad ur embracing the madness. There’s nothing like a bit of local ultimate frisbee. Love ur work. Stay safe & Keep us posted.

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